Terms of use

This website (www.liokarpos.com.gr) is owned and managed exclusively by the company named “LIOKARPOS” based in Foinikounta, prefecture Messinia, on the main pedestrian street (Agora str.).

Purpose of the website

The website www.liokarpos.com.gr is an e-commerce website accessible via internet.

It offers traditional Greek products for retail or wholesale to internet users or tovisitors of the website www.liokarpos.com.gr

Use of this page by any person either as a visitor either as a purchaser or as a person requesting information about products is governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Personal data

The company “LIOKARPOS” collects personal data within the objectives of this website. The terms of use of this information are described in the “Privacy Policy” section on this Website.

Intellectual property

The webpage and any necessary software used in connection with it, may contain confidential information protected by the Intellectual property Law. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, the copyrights associated with the files contained in this Website and with any details created for the Page (images, sounds, texts, graphics, diagrams, etc.), including software, databases and informational texts, are exclusive property of “LIOKARPOS”, and no other permit is granted as well as no other right than that of reading by visitors.

Reproduction of a part or entire content in any form is permitted for private use only. Any reproduction and any use of copies of the website and its content is expressly prohibited.

Also, replication, modification, creation of derivative designs, assemblage, translation (except in cases provided by law), sale, conferral and transfer of rights in any form related to the content of the website are prohibited.

Visitor behavior

Every visitor should use the internet with respect for the rights of other internet users.

Therefore, the internet users who visit the website arenot allowed to:

– upload, post, send, by email or otherwise, any content that may be considered illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, disturbing, harmful, slanderous, shameful, obscene, odious, discriminatory or infringing the privacy rights of others, including the right to personal imageor anything reprehensible in any other way.

– upload, post, transmit by email or in any other way, any kind of advertisement, promotional material, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters” or any other kind of annoying material.

– transfer and transmit (intentionally) any information or software created for the Website specifically to third countries or foreigners thereby violating national or international law.

At any time and for any reason, the company “LIOKARPOS” may initiate all possible procedures against a visitor and terminate the use of the website without a prior notice, as well as the use of one or more services of “LIOKARPOS” for any reason that violates these terms. The company “LIOKARPOS” reserves the right without prejudice to claim compensation from the visitor for any loss or damage caused to it, as a result of non-compliance with the General Terms of Use of this website.