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Liokarpos Olive Oil – 500ml


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Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece


Koroneiki 100%


Strictly below 0.5%


Cold pressing up to 24 ° C


Mediterranean, fruity, slightly bitter

Package type:

Colored 500 ml glass bottle

Product description

The harvest of the olive fruits begins around the beginning of November. The cold pressing takes place immediately afterwards so that the oil does not lose its special taste and quality. The olive oil “Liokarpos” is suitable for all dishes, it can give your salad a special aroma, but can also be enjoyed raw, as it is rich in vegetable fibers and Viramin-E: a real remedy according to the doctor of ancient Greece, Hippocrates. “Liokarpos” is an high-quality extra virgin olive oil with high nutritional value that belongs in every kitchen and on every table in the world. This golden treasure, which is harvested in Greece and ground into oil, aiming at giving to everyone an unforgettable taste experience.