About Us

We grew up in a rural family, being involved with the cultivation and harvesting of olives from a young age.

Our grandparents were the first to produce a high-quality olive oil. Being the 5th generation on the cultivation and harvesting of olives, our aim is towards innovation, and decision-making, focusing mainly on the unique combination of tradition with gastronomy, achieving our goal. The olive oil “LIOKARPOS” to reach every table and every dish!! Quality is the word that represents us: We want to offer you the opportunity to bring an olive oil of the highest quality into your everyday life. There are no distinctions between extra-virgin olive oil: EVERYONE can enjoy this unique product!

Give it a try and you will be convinced.



From the olive grove ... to your table!

The olive, or “Liokarpos”, ripens towards the end of autumn. Then the harvest begins, which is a difficult process that requires special strength and care, as everything is done exclusively by hand so that the fruit is kept in its natural shape.

The olives are then stored in suitable crates until they are brought to the oil mill.

The olives are cold-pressed on the same day of harvest. In this way, they retain their quality  and full taste.

Immediately after cold-pressing, the olive oil is filtered, standardized and packed safely in special boxes and they shipped to our customers.

In winter, when the harvest is finished, the oil is stored in stainless tanks.

At the same time, the work for the preparation of the next harvest begins: preparing the soil, spraying the trees and fertilizing with special ecological means. This will eliminate any microorganism that could affect the quality of the final product.